portrait bea wich reif

I am Beate Wich-Reif, graduate Industrial Designer, specialized on porcelain. Since 2009 I am Head of Design and permanent employee at Kober Porzellan, Steinwiesen. This manufactory stands for expertise in interior products like door handles, taps and fittings and works with many Italian companies.

Over the years my fun project, the little ghost lantern became something like my signature product. I keep releasing limited editions that are sold exclusively here online and at the wonderful wucholtzky.de istore in Nuremberg.

Since I was living in Milan for many years and achieved numerous projects with Marianelli Design, Castiglione Morelli Design, deGast deSIGN, working at Kober is giving me the opportunity to oversee every development step from smallest plates to head-high hydrocyclones, to develope new design ideas and to experience the great variety of porcelain every day.