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Pop Up @ Christkindlesmarket 2019

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Mind your health AND get one of my design works by pre-ordering via email

Ghosts of Christkindlesmarket

Keeping up the spirit: Safety first!

Honestly, fight COVID-19 by all means. Even when this leads to restricted Juletide celebrations. Today the city council has cancelled the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt. Which makes me sad since I was looking forward to seeing you, hosting and presenting my designs at the Frisches Design pop up booth.
Right now the Frisches Design team is still working on a web shop concept. Gonna keep you updated!

So there is still a chance to buy my work by placing a pre-order right here. Simply drop me an email

Presenting my products at Frisches Design Pop Up during the Christkindlesmarkt 2019 in Nuremberg has been an incredible experience. Thank you for coming by, seeing my designs and so much more. Can't wait for the next turn!
Bea Wich-Reif


I am Beate Wich-Reif, graduate Industrial Designer, specialized on porcelain. Since 2009 I am Head of Design and permanent employee at Kober Porzellan, Steinwiesen. This manufactory stands for expertise in interior products like door handles, taps and fittings and works with many Italian companies.

Since I was living in Milan for many years and achieved  numerous projects with Marianelli Design, Castiglione Morelli Design, deGast deSIGN, working at Kober is giving me the opportunity to oversee every development step from smallest plates to head-high hydrocyclones, to develope  new design ideast and to experience the great variety of porcelain every day.

Through my Eyes

There are so many things that do inspire me – random stuff most of the time and sometimes I catch them for my Instagram account. Feel free to take a look.
Sadly sometimes Instagram won’t let me embed my feed to this page. Just to be sure you’ll find my profile, here is the link:

The Step || Milan 2019

Welcome to an absolut unique design concept driven by the values of modern minimalistic aesthetics and brought to life by the fine art of porcelain making.

Straight lines transcend into flow – the Step escalates opportunities for interior design with various glazes and decals.

During the Milan Furniture Fair 2019 I was presenting my latest work, the doorhandle STEP, at the Fuori Salone event ENTER PORCELAIN in Palazzo Litta together with ten other German designers / design studios.

It was an amazing experience meeting all visitors and having so many inspiring discussions.

We developed the doorhandles in cooperation with the German porcelain factory KOBER and Italian doorhandle expert OLIVARI.

The idea of the collaboration was to get new ideas and versatile concepts with porcelain, combined with brass, using the various production methods of KOBER and OLIVARI, who were also presented at the exhibition.

We developed the doorhandles in cooperation with the German porcelain factory KOBER and Italian doorhandle expert OLIVARI.

So, now you’ve made it to the end of my little page – but there is so much left to do. Got any ideas? I am always up to an adventure! Send an e-mail and we will see. Thank you!